I'm very excited about Sweet Talk's upcoming winter tour. We have a lot of great concerts lined up and a bunch on new music to share. Hope to see you there. Dates are listed below, but check the concerts page for more info.


Guide to Kulchur
1386 W 65

*Jake Henry/Dustin Carlson Duo


Jan 27 - TOLEDO, OH

Toledo Bellows/Robinwood Concert House
2564 Robinwood Ave

*Jake Henry/Dustin Carlson Duo



Light Recital Hall at Greenhill Center for the Arts
930 W Main St

7:30pm, Clinic at 11am following morning


Merriman's Playhouse
1211 Mishawaka Ave

7:30pm. Clinic preceding concert at 5pm


Black Sparrow Pub
223 Main St



Hungry Brain
2319 W Belmont Ave

w/ Hanami Quartet (Jason Stein, Mai Sugimoto, Andrew Trim, Charles Rumback)



Unrehearsed MKE





Feb 8 - GUELPH, ON

Silence Guelph
46 Essex St



168 7th St

w/ Carlo Costa Group


I'm happy to announce that Glitter Bomb is now available through Downtown Music Gallery, one of my favorite record stores in NYC. Here is Bruce's review of the album from the DMG newsletter:

JAKE HENRY SWEET TALK With DUSTIN CARLSON/DEVIN DROBKA - Glitterbomb (Prom Night 20; USA) Featuring Jake Henry on trumpet & all but one compositions, Dustin Carlson on guitar and Devin Dropka on drums. The only player here that I know from previous sessions is Dustin Carlson who is on at least two other discs on Prom Night as well as with Will McEvoy's Mutasm from the Sulde label. It turns out that Devin Drobka has worked in the Ben Powell Quartet as well as with Patrick Breiner in Sons of Daughters (also on Sulde).
This doesn't sound like an improv CD, as there are moods and underlying structures involved. "Montreal" is a quietly dark piece with the guitar and drums providing a hazy cushion of swirling waves while the trumpet sails on top providing a soft ray of sunshine. Since there is no bassist here, the guitar and drums work together tightly moving in organic currents together, sometimes with subtle elegance and a good amount of restraint. "Wonderous" is the first of three longs songs and it maintains a calm, tranquil vibe throughout. Mr. Henry, who composed all but one of the songs here, writes quirky lines for the guitar and drums to play. Certain lines are repeated yet somehow are stretched out or bent out of shape or switch direction in unexpected ways. In a town like NYC, where we have dozens of strong, adventurous and unique trumpet players, Mr. Henry can indeed hold his own. He is the main soloist here and appears to have a wealth of ideas and sounds under his belt. Each of his solos, and some are pretty long, are well constructed and filled with odd twists and turns. Hopefully he will be playing at one of the FONT gigs which are currently happening in town. If this is his debut disc then it is all the more impressive. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

On its debut album, Glitter Bomb (due April 30 from Prom Night Records), this young New York trio balances churning intensity with clear-eyed lyricism. Drummer Devin Drobka (a sideman for postbop saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi) alternates between floor-rumbling chaos and stutter-step grooves, slicing up time the way a Benihana chef goes to work on a cutlet; he can also tighten or loosen the tension in the music, or add and substract weight. Guitarist Dustin Carlson usually follows the changes with woozy arpeggios, gnarled single-note runs, or thick clusters of abstract sound, his unspooling gestures rarely repeating themselves. Trumpeter Jake Henry, the group’s leader and primary melodic voice, butts sweet-toned melodies up against strident, unpitched squalls a la Axel Dörner. During the epic “Wonderous,” Henry keeps cutting himself off midnote so sharply it’s as though someone unplugged his mike, then picking right back up like it got plugged back in—it’s surprises like this that keep Sweet Talk’s renditions of its tuneful compositions from ever feeling predictable.
—Peter Margasak (Chicago Reader)

What a great tour with Sweet Talk! Thanks to Dustin and Devin as well as all our friends, new and old, for their support. The CD release party at Korzo was a great success and now "Glitterbomb" is available through Prom Night Records website for listening and purchase. Check it out! Tell your friends!

Sweet Talk "Glitterbomb" Tour

In support of Sweet Talk's new album "Glitterbomb" we'll be hitting the road this month, playing 8 shows in the Midwest and Northeast. The tour will finish off with our NY CD release party at the Konceptions Series at Korzo in Brooklyn, curated by James Carney. Hope to see you out there!

Tour dates are listed below by city but check the concerts page for more detailed info :

April 15 - Milwaukee, WI
9am - Television performance and interview on TJM4 Milwaukee's Morning Blend
7:30pm - VIA Downer

April 16 - Chicago, IL
7pm - Ears and Eyes Series @ Jerry's Sandwiches

April 17 - Lafayette, IN
7pm - Black Sparrow Pub

April 18 - South Bend, IN
7:30pm - Merriman's Playhouse

April 19 - Milwaukee, WI
9pm - Sugar Maple

April 21 - Madison, WI
8pm - Cardinal Bar

April 23 - Chicago, IL
7pm - Uncanned Music @ Bar Deville

April 30 - NY CD RELEASE PARTY!!! - Brooklyn, NY
10:30pm - Konceptions Series @ Korzo

Sweet Talk "Glitterbomb"

It's my pleasure to announce that Sweet Talk will be releasing our debut album "Glitterbomb" on Prom Night Records April 30th. Prom Night is a great label with a pretty mind blowing catalog of some of my favorite composers and improvisers in New York City. I'm honored to be a part of it. We recorded the music a year ago at Tedesco Studios and after a long wait and some very hard work the record is ready to release. The band is in fine form and the disc sounds great. I hope you all check it out.

Though packaging for albums is becoming more and more of an afterthought these days, I put a lot of effort into making this disc look as good aesthetically as it sounds. The cover art was done by the brilliant Giles Lyon, with additional photos by myself and San Fransisco photographer Ruth Swanson. Buy the physical version and you won't be disappointed!

My thanks to Brad, Owen and everyone at Prom Night for their hard work in making this release possible.

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