Thanks for another great Sweet Talk tour

Sweet Talk's 2014 winter tour has come to an end and as with every time I get off the road I'm left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all those that helped to make this happen. Dustin Carlson and Devin Drobka have put so much into my music that it's hard to thank them in a simple blog post. Their efforts and unique energies have repeatedly inspired me to perform and write at a higher level.

From the very first date of the tour to the last I was inspired by the size and quality of the audiences that came out to hear us, in spite of the worst winter weather we've seen in years if not decades. When you're on the road presenting this kind of music it's always great to see the dedication to listening and the desire for musical progression that exists in people in all the different cities across the country. Sometimes you can only hope you make it to the next gig, but when you do there is always something special about the experience. There is a hunger that exists in musical communities across the world to hear and share ideas about music across the localized scenes. To be able to spread our music across such a vast region is both a pleasure and a privilege that is not lost on me. It's this wanting to experience the unheard that pushes us as a band forward to explore new ways to create. The warmth that we felt was incredible and the support is something that will not soon leave me. It pushes me forward in this crazy pursuit to develop as a performer, a composer and as an artist.

More specifically, thanks to Tom Orange in Cleveland, Gabriel Beam at Toledo's Robinwood Concert House, Matt Sintchak at UW Whitewater/Greenhill Center of the Arts, Stephen and Mary Merriman of Merriman's Playhouse in South Bend, Paul Baldwin of Lafayette's Black Sparrow Pub, Josh Berman at the Hungry Brain in Chicago, Chris Weller and Tina Priceman in Oak Park, everyone involved with Unrehearsed MKE in Milwaukee, Robbie Luster and Matt Fong in Toronto, Ben Grossman in Guelph, and Carlo Costa and all of our friends in Brooklyn for an amazing tour.